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Corporate Wellness Programs

Looking to enhance your workplace environment? My programs are NOT the corporate wellness you're used to! I use a holistic approach to address more than just diet and exercise. Optimizing the health of your employees will enhance productivity and efficiency in the workplace. I will work with you and your employees to create sustainable solutions for long-term health and wellness. 

Live Presentations

Attend one of my live presentations and start taking charge of your health now! I'm passionate about spreading knowledge about health and wellness. I believe doing these presentations throughout the community is one of the best ways to spread awareness on a grand-scale. Topics include thyroid health, hormone health, gut health, brain health, injury prevention, and stress management. Follow me on my social media pages for updates!


After the complimentary phone consultation, comes the initial consultation which consists of an hour long appointment where we will dive into your health issues, find the obstacles to cure, and discover the root causes to your health concerns. We'll discuss your current symptoms, past and family medical history, your diet and lifestyle habits, your home and work environment, determine what lab tests need to be done, and create an individualized treatment plan made specifically for you.


Are you ready to experience GREAT HEALTH?

Send me a message below and we will figure out what can be done to help YOU achieve great health!